Prayagraj, The Sangam City

Prayagrag Allahabad History & Facts!

The location at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers has been known in ancient times as Prayāgaj.

It is said that the Mughal emperor Akbar visited the region in 1575 and was so impressed by the strategic location of the site that he ordered a fort be constructed. The fort was constructed in 1584 and called Ilahabas or “Abode of Allah”, Allahabad.

In the year 2021, the State Government renamed Prayagraj.


Best Places To Visit In Prayagraj

Triveni Sangam.

The confluence or the meeting point of the three most important rivers in the Hindu religion, Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati, known as Sangam or Triveni Sangam, is a very sacred spot in district Prayagraj.

Three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meeting point is called as sangam.

After every 12 years, an Incredible auspicious festival called the Kumbh Mela is organized at this location.

Allahabad Fort

Built-in 1853 by the Mughal king Akabar. Akbar was much impressed by this place, as a result, he decided to construct a grand fort just at this Sangam spot. The archaeological Survey of India has classified the Prayagraj fort as a monument of National Importance.

Timings: 9.45 AM to 6 PM.

Bade Hanumanji Mandir.

Approx 500 meters north of Prayagraj fort, there lies a renowned religious Temple dedicated to God Hanuman ji. Temple is also well known as Lete Hanuman Mandir.

The shrine is an underground pit that houses an enormous image of God Hanuman Ji in a lying position. This is the only God Hanuman temple in the world where the idol of Hanuman Ji is in a reclining position.

Alopi Devi Temple

One of the major Shaki Peeth.

Chandrashekar Azad Park.

Build over a massive landscape of 133 acres, it is a beautiful public park

All Saints Cathedral

Also known by the locals as the Patthar Girja, the All Saints Cathedral is a world-famous church located in Prayagraj. Sir William Emerson is credited with the architecture and basic design of this church. It was designed by him in 1871, and commenced in 1887.

Timing: 8 AM

Anand Bhawan

In the 1930s, the original Swaraj Bhavan, today a famous tourist attraction in Prayagraj, now called as Anand Bawan.


Khusro Bagh

This park is located very near to Prayagraj railway station. Formally a burial complex, currently a walled garden typical of the Mughal construction. 

Khusro Bagh has three brilliantly designed sandstone mausoleums paying tribute to Mughal royals, including Shah Begum, Khusrau Mirza, and Nithar Begum.

Patalpuri Temple

Amongst numerous Hindu pilgrimage sites in Prayagraj. Patalpuri temple is considered to be the holiest shrine in the city, located within the complex of Prayagraj fort. Patalpuri is an underground temple that has great religious significance.

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BEST PLACES to visit near Prayagraj

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