Tourist Guides are highly qualified, licensed, and approved by the Ministry of Tourism Government of India. The government provides licenses and training programs.

Introduction & Objectives:

Guides play a vital role in bringing satisfaction to tourists visiting a country, region, or State. Tourist Guides are part of the hospitality sector and the opportunity of direct interaction with the tourist makes them more responsible for projecting the correct image of the destination.

To Get A License

Individuals must obtain a license to work as tour guides. As of now, there are a three-tier tour guiding system- Local level guides, State level guides, and Regional level guides. Training is a prerequisite for obtaining a tour-guide license. Such license is issued by the relevant authorities to allow an individual to guide tourists in a particular area. Licensing authority is different for each level and area of operations and many times this results in duplicity of licensing and training efforts.

Role Of Guides

It is important to understand that tour guides play a very important role in the tourist experience at a destination. As frontline line service providers, they leave a lasting impression. Since tourism has multiple stakeholders, each has different expectations from the tour guides. Accordingly, at different places and times, different roles have been envisaged for tour guides.

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