Morning Rituals

Early Morning Rituals In The Holy City Varanasi

For a city so old, so full of positive energy, and full of cosmic energy, it is no surprise that the morning time is one of the most beautiful times to explore the ancient city Varanasi.

Well, it’s the city of Varanasi that is shinning as the sun rises above and gently touches the river. Giving the city an eternal golden glow, that exudes happiness, peacefulness, and a calm that I’ve never felt before.

This morning boat ride tour will give you the real view of holy Varanasi, where you will see the morning rituals, special features of the various ghats that you will pass along the way, and burning ghat where the dead are cremated.

The majority of Hindu believe that making a pilgrimage is the part of their Dharma, or religious duity. They believe that visiting sacred places in this life will improve their Karma and bring them reward for the next life. Hindu believe that prayer or performing religious activity at sacred places improves their present and past Karmas.
In Hinduism, the yatra (pilgrimage) to the tirthas (sacred places) has special significance for earning the punya (spiritual merit) needed to attain the moksha (salvation) by performing the darśana (viewing of deity), the seva (selfless service towards community, devotees or temple), the Bhandara (running volunteer community kitchen for pilgrims), etc. These sacred places are usually located on the banks of sacred water bodies, Varanasi the ghats & river Ganga are considered most sacred pilgrimage spot.

Highlights Of Morning Trip

Experience rich Hindu culture, and tradition on the River Ganga.
Witness rituals performed by Hindus on the Ghats during sunrise.
You can miss whatsoever in Varanasi but don’t miss a boat ride tour, it is said there is no morning like the one in Varanasi.


One is recommended to get up early and must rach on the Ghat before sunrise.

Dress Code

There is no such dress code, but you are requested to wear gentle clothes in respect of these religious and cultural rituals.

A Religious and Spiritual Experience

This is one of the divine experiences with a lot of people every morning taking holy dip in River Ganga.
Taking adip in river Ganga washes all the sins.

Do You Need To Book In Advance

We recommend booking this Morning ritual & Boat ride, with Trip Varanasi makes your visit worthwhile and gives you the full experience and meaningful visit of this cultural and ancient city.

Do have a dip in river Ganga and for any kind of rituals one can do by his own.

Best Time

Better to start early before sunrise.