Varanasi city of Temples

Varanasi. New Edge of  Experience!

As Hinduism’s pre-eminent center, Varanasi is home to everyone the Thirty-Three Koti (Types) of Hindu Gods & Goddesses. Harvard Professor of religion Dina Eck calls the city Varanasi as “Sacred Circle of all the Gods”. Its divine status was cemented the day Lord Shiva chose to descend from Heaven and make the city his lovely home.

The Sacred City Varanasi is home to more than 1400 Temples. City of Festivals. The habitants of Varanasi are having deep faith in God Shiva. Varanasi the lovely Home of God Shiva, he is everywhere ” Kankar Kankar mein Shanker”, ( Shiva lies in every pebble).

Some Varanasi’s Core Features

Ancient City

The Oldest living cities in the world. There is no any particular date when the city Varanasi was created.

Cultural Capital

Kashi, Varanasi or Banaras – the cultural capital of India. The most sacred land.

Center Of All Faith

Hindu, Christians, Jain & Buddhist followers have the same religious significance.


Viswanath- The Golden Temple-

HANUMAN, The Monkey God Temple-

Kaal Bhairva Temple-

Tulsi Manas Mandir-


Annapurna Temple-

Durga Temple-

Sankatha Mandir-

Siddheshwari Temple

Mother India India Temple-

Shitala Temple-


It is believed that the circumambulation of the sacred shrine is one of the best ways of absolving oneself of all sins committed during one’s lifetime. At the holiest city in Hinduism, Varanasi provides the best opportunity for the pilgrims to cleanse themselves.

Pilgrims coming to Varanasi not only take Holy dip in River Ganga, but they stay several days to perform different rituals, such as-

Pnch Koshi Yatra-

The sacred realm of Kashi is represented by the “kshetra“, Region that is encircled by the Panch Koshi Yatra- a circuit that some eight hundred years ago became the outermost pilgrimage in the city.

The Yatra (journey) encircles a sacred field with a radius of Pach Kosh, 17.6 kilometers.

The Panch Tirtha Yatra-

The Antargrihi Yatra-