Chunar Fort


Chunar Fort History & Legends

Chunar Fort also well known as Chandrakanta Chunargarh. This huge fort is located in Mirzapur District of Utter Pradesh in India. it is located 36 Kilometer south west of Varanasi.
The history Of Fort spans from 56 BC and then between Afghan decedent Sher Sah Suri (1532) rule.

the fort stands on a big rock, a detached part of Vindhya Range at an elivation of 280 ft (85m) above sea level.

Fort on Vindhya Range which is older than the Himalayan range has a great history and many legends linking the fort to divine aspects.


There are many legends behind the Chunar fort. One such is the story of King Bali. King was very generous and tries to help each and every who comes in front of him. God Vishnu took the form of a dwarf man, and came in front of King Bali, and begged only three feet of land, King, without thinking anything agreed to provide three feet of land.

God Vishnu came in his original form and in its first step he covers all the earth and in his second step he covers the entire sky now the question was what to cover in the third step? King Bali understood everything and begged God to put the third step on his head. god became happy and stepped in Chunar, that the reason Chunar is also known as Caharandari, (Foot of Vishnu).